New Store to Saint Tropez is Opening

2014 and the firsts rays of sun ring the arrival of a new Paul and Joe’s store to Saint Tropez, an exclusive space dedicated to the brand opens to the following address: 65 rue Gambetta.

A warm scene with a vintage atmosphere from 70’s inspiration will enchant you in the universe of the designer Sophie Mechaly, a great fan of Art & Design. Collections have real signature thanks to colors and printed, with this cutting-edge selection, the store offers the possibility to discover Paul and Joe’s spirit.

Get tempted by unique pieces from the Spring-Summer 2014’s collection which are invitation to dream and travel. Concerning materials, english embroidery, lace, silk and guipure are used on dresses, tops and light pants. For your evenings, jeans with patchwork and sweat will be your best friend.

Printed are honored: oversized stripes on pants and shirts whereas tartan and liberty printed are mixed. Number of different pieces to prepare a perfect summer dressing.